At Latter Electronic we take great pride and honour in electronics repair and troubleshooting - especially on componentlevel!
We are all in for the geeky and we are experts in repairing industrial electronics of all kinds. In our own workshop we can handle all types of units and are up for even the worst challenges and rarely give up!

Whether you have a defective printed circuit board or an entire servo drive, we can assist with repair and reduce your downtime.

Your defective unit can be handed in by appointment or sent in for inspection and repair.
You can also register here on the site and create the job electronically and send it in. This way you can follow the process from start to finish.
You are always welcome to give us a call on +45 6148 0149, If you are in doubt whether a repair is viable or not.

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On-site services

A helping hand to those who need it in the troubleshooting or maybe just need an extra hand while you are busy.

Over many years and not least many troubleshooting, we have built up a very broad experience with troubleshooting on types of machines and systems.
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