Why choose us

We have built up extensive experience in repairs and not least troubleshooting on all types of industrial electronics found in most industries, which enables us to troubleshoot and repair almost any equipment with or without documentation, but We are also not afraid to pass on a task if we do not have the skills in-house. When using us, We focus on solving your problems in the best way - even if it means that the task must be forwarded to others.

This means that you get a partner who first and foremost has you in mind and how to get your machine or production plant up and running again best way possible.
Whether the task is about on-site troubleshooting or in-house repair of your device, we are ready for any challenge.

On-site troubleshooting.

Have you reached a dead-end in troubleshooting on your machine? Or do you just a second pair of hands? We are at your service!

Preventive maintenance

Do you have a vital machine in your production?
Preventive maintenance and frequent backup of the machines controlsystems, plc's and parameters can minimize production loses at breakdowns and provide af better safety of our vital productions against breakdowns.

Fast and precise service.

We'll gladly go the extra mile just to get your machines running again and we are always ready for a quick sparring about machine troubles, if needed.

Repairs of all types of units.

Servodrives, Frequencyconverters or even old DC-Drives.
We have extensive experience with most types of units and we are ready to help with quick repairs, when needed.
We have most components in stock and with day-to-day deliveries, even speciel components can be procured fast.

Schematics isn't needed

We have a broad understanding of circuits and extensive experience in circuitanalysis, which enables us to repair most units without shematics or any need for documentation.

Honest Communication.

At Latter Electronics we strive to solve the jobs so efficient as possible - This is why we use external servicepartners for motor repair and maintenance
we have equipment to test and measure most common feedback units and provide for this while mechanical maintenance are done by our external servicepartner

Service & Quality

Latter Electronic - A service partner you can trust!