Our services


Repairs of all types of units

All types of servodrives, DC-Drives and VFD's can in most cases be repaired quickly and efficiently, so that the production can get up and running again with minimum of production loss.

By planning and using preventive maintenance on your crital units in between productions, the lifetime of your machines can be prolonged and operational reliability can be secured from breakdowns and unwanted stops.
When we repair we strive to secure a backup of your units parameters, if possible.

We accept all brands and types of units for repair!

Right man for the job?

If we are suddenly faced with a job, where we don't have the right skills
We are not afraid to pass on the job to the right people instead. Honestly the best solution for our customers.

Service foremost

We will rather forward the job than stubbornly hold on to it, if thats the right thing to do.

On-site troubleshooting

Do you need a hand troubleshooting on-site? We provide a helping hand if you're a bit struck or just need a extra pair of hands?

Over many years and not least many troubleshootings, we have built up a very broad experience with troubleshooting on all types of machines and plants.

When we troubleshoot, it is based on the machine itself, its function and not least the fault that you experience - So not just a troubleshooting in the electrical parts of the machine, but on the machine as a whole unit.
This means also that we will not stop just because the fault may suddenly be found in the pneumatic parts of the machine or in the mechanical parts.


We will gladly co-operate with in-house technician or your external servicepartners, when on a job

Critical breakdowns

We are here 24/7 and can be contacted any time of day - We are ready to help, when needed.


Preventive maintenance

Do you have a vital machine in your production?
Preventive maintenance of essential controlsystems on machine and units can minimize breakdowns and production losses.

We can plan preventive maintenance jobs in between your vital production, so unnecessary stops can be avoided
When doing preventive maintenance we will try to secure a backup of your units parameters and such, so you are better secured in the future against software faults.

Lifespand extended

By using preventive maintenance on the electrical parts of your machines and automationsystems, you are better secured against breakdowns caused by old equipment and the machines lifespand are greatly improved.

In-house components

We have most common electronic components in stock at all times, so jobs can be done fast and efficient


Sparring & Backup

Are you having a question with a unit?
Do give us a call if you need a quick sparring or just a advice - We are almost always up for a quick chat

Have you remembered to backup your PLC's and machine parameters?
At breakdowns there is a great risc for dataloss and loss of parameters - Without a backup, it can be a time consuming and costly affair to get your machine up and running again.
Sometimes a costly rebuild of your machine is needed if the units are discontinued or maybe the machinebuilder are long gone. This can be avoided with regular backup.

Contact us now and lets make sure your machine is secured with backups.

Battery change?

Do you have a unit with batteries, but unsure how to change it?
We are ready to help you in this matter.

Before you disassemble!

Always remember to check for batteries and battery voltage before you disassemble your units for repair.